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Coaching Up-Test Your Readiness

by Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.

(For individual use only, not to be reproduced or used in any way without permission)

We often find ourselves in situations where we would like to influence others but lack formal authority. We want to move in a new direction, or do things differently, or someone else's behavior is adversely affect them, you, or us. The process is even more precarious when the person we want to influence is our manager. We not only lack authority but are in an authority deficit. The following quiz can assess your readiness to coach up, to coach your manager, in a way that doesn't damage your relationship or future effectiveness.

Directions: Click on the buttons that best describe you and then click on the "Submit" button at the end of the quiz. You will be taken to a page that totals your score and provides customized feedback.