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Available in English and French

Anyone in North America desiring to be more comfortable and obtain better results when coaching their Direct Reports, Peers, and/or Managers. If you are faced with a difficult coaching situation and would like to have a neutral sounding board with coaching expertise to ensure positive outcome, this is for you.


One-on-one Personal Coaching, designed around your time commitments and mutually agreed schedule.


  • You are a pretty good coach but want to take your skills to the next level.

  • Your current coaching approach is not working.

  • You want your skill development to be confidential.

  • You can't take the time away from work to attend a training session.

  • You don't want to work with a group of strangers from different organizations who may or may not understand your unique situation.

  • You want more focused, individualized practice and feedback.

  • You need the help fast.

  • You want the personal attention and follow-up with an experienced coach.


We focus on your coaching situations and challenges via a combination of:

  • Telephone conversations to help, offer options, be a sounding board, and explore different approaches.
  • E-mails to spot check progress or when short immediate help or damage control is needed.
  • Internet based support materials.

Our record

We have trained over 75,000 coaches plus in-house trainers for organizations that read like the Fortune 500. The coaches range in responsibility from individual contributors to executives. Our book, The Coach: Creating Partnership for a Competitive Edge is a sought after resource. What we offer is research proven, practical and it works.

What it is not

This is not executive coaching or personal/life coaching. We are trainers and experienced coaches working with you on one important skill, how to be an even better coach. This is a developmental program using your on-the-job and work life situations. We will listen, make suggestions, provide feedback on your proposed actions, challenge you, and suggest alternative tools or processes to solve your coaching problems or opportunities. We won't do it for you.


  • The first Exploration Discussion/Interaction is FREE!
  • Continued Coaching will be billed at $100 per hour (minimum of 1/2 hour), with no long term contract or obligations. Either party can terminate the relationship at any time.

The Next Step:

Call us at (918) 333-6609 or (918) 782-7044 anywhere in North America to discuss your needs, our approach and determine if there is a productive fit.



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